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An eco-friendly, ecologically friendly urn with a story to tell.

Urn made from collected end-of-life maritime gear such as old fishing nets.

By using Beologic’s Ocean raw materials, we avoid the accumulation of “plastic soup”, which helps create better living conditions for life in the oceans.

The Ocean Cleanup

The old fished-up fishing nets and plastic waste are ground up and processed into new raw material.

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Adding additives gives us the desired colour and texture.

This innovative OceanUrn® offers an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional metal transport urn.

symbol of connection between memories and sustainability

By choosing the OceanUrn®, relatives can make an ecologically responsible choice while commemorating a loved one.

Comillas Negras

A green revolution for cremations

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environmental solution

sustainable alternative to the metal urn

substantial reduction of CO2 emissions

From waste to urn

with 98% recycled end-of-life fishing gear

we process waste into something valuable

Less Than Symbol

we restore the ocean ecosystem & reduce our carbon footprint

Less Than Symbol

we incorporate the story into the recycled material

Less Than Symbol

Circular entrepreneurship

After use, the urns are collected and recycled again into new raw materials in the form of plastic pellets, thus adhering to the cradle-to-cradle principle.

Future of sustainability

This new urn represents a leap forward in sustainability, highlighting that there is always room for innovation and improvement.

Ecology & functionality, hand in hand.

Stijn Defever, inspirer of this sustainable initiative.

Comillas Negras

Maritime sea waste gets a second life as cherished memories of a loved one.

Comillas Negras

We reduce our CO2 impact and contribute to protecting marine life and purifying our oceans.

This sustainable initiative is a collaboration between the VNOC (Flemish Network of Public Crematoria) & Funico.




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